The 3rd International Conference on Signal Processing, Computer Networks and Communications(SPCNC 2024)

Call For Papers

The 3rd International Conference on Signal Processing, Computer Networks and Communications (SPCNC 2024) will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.


includeInformation Theory & Coding,Multidimensional Signal Processing,VLSI architectures for high speed processing,Control Algorithms,Image Processing and Pattern Recognition,Mixed Signal Processing,Radar Signal and Data Processing,Speech and Video Processing,Communication Signal Processing,Digital Signal Processing etc.

Detailed topics include:

1, Intelligent Radar Signal Processing

Advanced radar technology

Sensor array signal processing

Multidimensional signal processing

Geoscience and remote sensing

Image processing and recognition


2, Underwater Acoustics, Ocean Detection Signal Processing

Underwater acoustics and array signal processing

Underwater noise modeling and measurement

The law and calculation of sound propagation in shallow sea and deep sea

Underwater communication and networking

Vector hydrophone and signal processing technology

Marine photoelectric image processing

3, Optical, THz and mmWave Communications

Modulation and coding for optical, THz and mmWave communication systems

Signal processing for optical, THz and mmWave communication systems

Data analytics for optical, THz and mmWave communication systems

Virtualization and slicing for optical, THz and mmWave communication systems

Resource management for optical, THz and mmWave communication systems

Energy-efficient optical, THz and mmWave communication systems

Underwater optical communications


4,  Acoustic Measurement and Signal Processing of Aircraft and their Equipment

Acoustic array signal processing in airborne acoustic testing

Aeroacoustic signal processing

Acoustic wind tunnel testing and signal processing

Aeroacoustic signal processing

Aeronautical acoustic detection and safety

5, Multimedia Signal Processing

   Streamed multimedia applications

   Image and video processing

   Management of multimedia services

   Speech and Video Processing

   Test-beds and trials


6, Target detection, Estimation, Identification and Tracking

Array signal processing

Distributed detection and fusion

Adaptive signal processing

Target tracking

Active and passive detection technology

7, Mechanical Signal Processing

Part : Computer Networks and Communications

Detailed topics include:

1. Computer networks

Cloud computing

High order spectral analysis

Hardware implementation of signal processing

Image processing and understanding

Computer vision and virtual reality

Multimedia and human-computer interaction

Statistical learning and pattern recognition

Artificial intelligence and neural networks

Internet and wireless communication service providers

Database technology

Parallel, parallel and distributed systems

Computer network technology and equipment

Intelligent network

Computer Networks and Communications

2. Computer network security

Computer and network security

Network Engineering and Security

Computer security and cryptography

Computer network information management

Network security

Safety theory

Concept of confrontation

Network supervision

Wireless network security

Network survivability

Credit and risk of electronic payment

Intelligent security system


3. Communication technology

Communication and information systems

Antenna and propagation

Digital signal processor algorithm and architecture

Green propagation

Communication theory and information theory

Microwave communication

Optoelectronics and optical communications

5G/6G communication technology and mobile terminals

5G/6G industrial application and development

Satellite communication

Intelligent communication

Vlsi design

Wireless sensor network

Communication system